Game From Creators Heavy Rain, ‘As Dusk Falls’ Sets a Fixed Release Schedule

Game From Creators Heavy Rain, ‘As Dusk Falls’ Sets a Fixed Release Schedule

There is no doubt that storytelling has become a very interesting genre, seeing the success of several games such as Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, and The Dark Picture Book, making the genre popular with many fans. Beginning with last night’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, a game called As Dusk Falls from former developer Quantic Dream has set a release schedule.

Report from the website Xbox, Since “Twilight” is an original interactive drama by the developer INTERIOR/NIGHT, we can explore more about the 30-year life of 2 families in the future. It started with a robbery in 1998 and ended in failure in a small Arizona town. Our choices will have a profound impact on the lives of the characters in this tale of betrayal, sacrifice, and fortitude.

Since Microsoft has announced Dusk Falls since 2020 and confirmed that INTERIOR/NIGHT will be part of the Xbox Game Studios, in the future we can play this game in single or multiplayer with up to 8 players, the art style and animations are quite unique .

INTERIOR/NIGHT itself is led by Caroline Marchal, who was behind Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, so it looks like we can set our expectations a little higher. Since Dusk Falls will be released in the near future, July 19, 2022, for Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC platforms, and included on Xbox Game Pass online on day one.

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