Full Waifu Mobile RPG – Valiant Force 2 Open for Pre-Registration for Android

Full Waifu Mobile RPG – Valiant Force 2 Open for Pre-Registration for Android

How many of you remember the Valiant Force game, which is considered very successful, the game was made by a developer from South East Asia, Singapore to be exact. Not only stopped in the first series, the game with the concept of RPG strategy will return for the second series, which will be the successor named Valiant Force 2.

XII Braves has officially announced that Valiant Force 2 will be released on Android and iOS.If you really plan to play it, you can already pre-register by google play. As of this writing, there is no information on iOS pre-registration.

Valiant Force 2 will continue to carry the RPG strategy concept as its main base. Several classic systems will be maintained, such as Job, Garrison, and Aura. Battlegrounds also now have a wider grid. They introduced new systems, such as Auron Cards and the Elemental system, to increase the complexity of combat. Its 3D graphics quality is quite light, with a variety of cool effects skills.

Not only does it bring strategic gameplay, but the game will also bring art of various characters, which can be said to be of very high quality. The fantastic character artwork is also filled with famous anime voice actors such as Yui Shiban, Yoshisuga Matsuoka, Chiwa Saito, Akari Kito, and more.

Sadly, there is no release schedule for Dragon Quest 2. Usually, if you have already opened the pre-registration phase, the timeline is not very long.You can visit the official fan page here to know more information.

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