For best quality, anime bleach TYBW will be divided into 4 classes

For best quality, anime bleach TYBW will be divided into 4 classes

This fall will be the moment many anime fans around the world have been waiting for. Among the many upcoming new series, including blockbusters, it can be said that the adaptation of the Bleach Millennium Bloodbath is the most special. how did it get here? Part of the biggest shounen series has indeed been on hiatus for a decade, and many fans continue to wait for the final arc to get an anime adaptation, and the hope that the manga can be perfected.

In order to increase the enthusiasm of fans, yesterday Aniplex and VIZ Media uploaded the third promotional video of the “Bleach Millennium Blood War” animation, which received an immediate enthusiastic response. The trailer was uploaded to the members of Club Outside Japan right after the pre-screening meeting for the first and second episodes of the anime. The trailer also gives some previews of Tatsuya Chatan’s opening song “Scar,” and confirms that the ending song was written by SennaRin.

Another detail that will make fans especially happy is the confirmation that the animation will be divided into four classes. This means that if each episode is 12 or 13 episodes in length, the entire adaptation will be compressed to 50 episodes. Of course, it’s always possible to reach more than 20 episodes per dish, allowing fans to look forward to more content. No matter how many episodes there are, it’s good news that the animation will be split this way, as the studio will have more time to mix the best animation quality.

Don’t wait too long, the anime “Bleach Millennium Blood War” is scheduled to be broadcast on October 10. VIZ Media has confirmed that the animation will be played in sync, but it’s unclear which streaming platform will provide access.You can monitor all the full details and updates of the anime on the official website here.

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