21 May 2022

After a long hiatus without many new updates, it seems that the latest mobile game Final Fantasy VII: Eternal Crisis actually seems to have a release goal that is closer than expected.At least this is the latest financial report web proxy It is confirmed that the game will be released at the end of September. Although they’re not directly from Square Enix, they themselves have a 2022 release schedule for the game.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the game, Final Fantasy VII: Eternal Crisis is a remake that will provide a compilation of stories from several Final Fantasy VII games released to date, from Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and even an advent children’s movie. This project sounds huge for a mobile game, and the format looks to incorporate the style of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, but the gameplay is presented with smooth graphics like Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In addition to offering a complete compilation of stories from the Final Fantasy VII universe, the game is sure to bring a brand new original story focused on the SOLDIER organization. As a result, players can see some of the soldier characters and members of Shinra in their youth, as well as their characters before they were known as iconic characters in the past. Regarding how players can use characters who shouldn’t or can’t join the party, director Tetsuya Nomura explained that he wanted to give complete freedom so players could create the party of their dreams.

So as with the information above, it has been confirmed that Final Fantasy VII: Eternal Crisis will be released on Android and iOS in September 2022. You can follow the latest progress of the game on the official website. here.

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