16 August 2022

Genshin Impact offers a male gender for the first time to Catalyst users. Not the magic moves you get, but hand-to-hand combat using Anemo elements. Shikanoin Heizhou brings a different experience as a male Catalyst user of Genshin Impact.

For those of you who already got Shikanoin Heizou but don’t know how to build it, it’s safe, here are some tips for you!

Weapon recommendation

Source: Zyox

In terms of weapons, there are actually many options, yes, but *5 the most recommended ones are the true meaning of Kagura, the lost holy wind prayer, and the sky atlas. As for *4, The Widsith, Dodoco Tales, to Mappa Mare are the most recommended. There are so many so you won’t run out of weapons.

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Artifact recommendation

Source: Zyox

Artifact absolutely requires the use of Virisdecent Venerer as it increases 15% Anemo DMG 2 sets and reduces enemy elemental resistance by 40% for 10 seconds and increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Also, Kurozo’s attack as a catalyst is in the form of elemental damage, which of course fits.

Alternatively, you can use 4 Wanderers Troupe instead.

Here is a list of the correct artifact to use in Shikanoin Kurozo:

Headgear/Hat: Crit Chance/Elemental Mastery (Energy Refill/Crit Chance/Crit Damage/Attack/ATK%/Elemental Mastery)
Goblet: Elemental Mastery/ Anemo DMG Bonus (Energy Recharge/ Crit Rate/ Crit DMG/ ATK/ATK%/ Elemental Mastery)
Watch: Elemental Mastery/ATK% (Energy Recharge/Crit Chance/Crit Damage/ATK/ATK%/Elemental Mastery)
Feather: (Elemental Mastery/Energy Regeneration/Crit Chance/Crit Damage/ATK/ATK%)
Flower: (Elemental Mastery/Energy Regeneration/Crit Chance/Crit Damage/ATK/ATK%)