18 May 2022

Playlists are a core component of Spotify. Not only does this popular music streaming service have a collection of songs tailored to specific genres and moods, but you can also create as many playlists as you want and even share them with friends or the world.

Below, we’ll share some tips to help you manage your Spotify playlists. Note that most of these tips apply to the Spotify desktop app. However, once you put it into practice, you can also enjoy many of the same benefits on the Spotify mobile app. Curious about any tricks? Come see the discussion!

1. How to Change Playlist Sort Options on Spotify

By default, Spotify playlists usually sort songs in the order you add them. However, you can change it by clicking on the header at the top. This applies to your own playlists as well as other people’s playlists.

Click a title or album to sort alphabetically by this field. The first click will sort from AZ, while the second click will change the sort from ZA. There’s also an added date field that lets you sort from newest to oldest or oldest to newest. The clock icon represents the length of the songs, and if you click it, you can sort the playlist by the songs with the shortest or longest duration.

2. How to Filter and Search Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlists can contain thousands of songs, making it difficult to quickly find the right song. To easily search within a playlist, press Ctrl + F with the playlist open. You can also click the small magnifying glass icon that appears to the left of the sorting tab.

Type something in the box that appears, and Spotify will show you matches in the song title, artist, and album name. You can use it to confirm that a song is in a playlist, see all songs by a specific artist, and more.

3. How to Add All Your Favorite Songs to One Spotify Playlist

Note that Spotify now treats favorite songs as its own playlist. That way, you can click the “Download” button to save it for offline listening (as long as you have Premium). This is more convenient than manually converting your favorite songs into playlists, as favorite songs are automatically updated as you like new songs.

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