DualSense Edge released, PS5 wireless controller with maximum customization

DualSense Edge released, PS5 wireless controller with maximum customization

The Gamescom Opening Night Live (ONL) event just ended and lasted for two hours. In addition to the announcement of new games and project updates that many fans have been anticipating, there are some equally interesting additional surprises. What caught our attention in particular was the announcement of the DualSense Edge wireless controller for the PlayStation 5.

We thought it was an extra accessory, but it turns out that all components are part of a DualSense controller that looks busier in its form. Sony designed this controller to provide maximum customization for all types of players, especially those who need extra shortcuts or buttons to play competitive games. The customization options offered by DualSense Edge already range from hardware to software.

More buttons are added on the back, such as replaceable stick caps, users can freely adjust the most comfortable and best feel when playing various games. Travel distance and dead zone can be adjusted with each button press, you can reduce travel distance to speed up input when playing competitive FPS games to dead zone, which also affects optimal throttle control in racing games.

Once you have the most suitable settings, you can choose to create multiple profiles at once, which can be adjusted according to the comfort of a particular game. The controller also has an additional Fn button for accessing the main profile menu containing various important settings. The replaceable rear lever cover and buttons provide several different types of options for easy adjustment. As you can see, this controller does offer a full range of options and is very flexible for many types of players.

The release schedule and price are yet to be determined, but Sony plans to share all the information it needs in the coming months. You can check out the more complete details of this initial announcement in the official post: PlayStation Blog.

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