5 July 2022

If you’ve discussed games made by Indonesian developers, DreadOut is definitely the one that gets mentioned right away. It’s really not for no reason, as this is arguably one of the Indonesian games that managed to popularize its name globally and then followed by more children’s works in other countries. To maximize the game’s accessibility, developer Digital Happiness has just announced that they will be bringing the new DreadOut 2 series to PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

More specifically, DreadOut 2 will release on Xbox One and Xbox Series on July 15, followed by PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 releases on July 20. The console version itself will be priced higher at $19.99 or around IDR 300,000. At the moment, we don’t know if this console version also includes free DLC in the form of the DreadOut The Untolds comic.

As far as the game itself, DreadOut 2 is a third-person horror game inspired by a mysterious Indonesian legend. In this sequel, you still play as high school student Linda Meillinda, who has supernatural powers, can see souls and drive them away with pictures taken with her smartphone. While the concept isn’t too different from the first series, the developers have brought in all sorts of big changes, especially around combat melee options and wider exploration.

Overall, DreadOut itself has grown into such a massive franchise. Thanks to the huge popularity of the first game played by famous YouTubers like PewDiePie, the series continued to grow and even got a horror movie adaptation.More than that, the developers are currently working on a new game project for him called Fear of ghosts.

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