5 July 2022

Disney Mirrorverse was first announced as an action RPG in late March. It’s really surprising that the game adapted from this huge universe has gotten a pretty solid action game on mobile, not just casual games for kids, but this time for gamers of teens and above.

Not only do they rely on their characters from the world they are already known for, in the Disney Mirrorverse they actually offer very interesting and engaging gameplay. Is it really that fun? By the way, we got our hands on the game before it was released, and we’ll review it with this article. let’s see!

Seemingly ordinary and weird action RPG game

Honestly, when we tasted this game, we didn’t expect much. True, the Disney Mirrorverse dared to go off the rails by providing an action-RPG foundation, but everything felt normal. For example, there is a dodge system, each character is divided into tank type, range, DPS, and supports a variety of gameplay until each character has unique skills.

But, in general, everything is common in RPG action games. Also, in the game, everything is simpler. For example, an active skill that “automagically” leads to the nearest target immediately. Bringing teammates will also move like AI. In fact, it’s better to use a character swap system like Honkai Impact.

Another thing we thought was odd was the camera perspective section that offered an isometric view, which was a bit odd to play despite the game being a hack n slash based action RPG. It’s like if you play a game like Punish the Crow or Honkai Impact, but only use the camera’s view from the left and right. It feels unnatural for an action game.

Storyline and progression

The Disney Mirrorverse will take you into a new world unlike any Disney or Pixar movies. There, you play as various characters called Mirrorverse Guardians to fight the Fractured, a threat that can destroy your world. You can see characters like Mickey Mouse taking the lead in protecting the star mirrors. But some characters still play their part, like Maleficent who is still a villain.

For the progression of the story, players will get a mainstream wave-based system. With each wave you can get an energy boost to face the next wave. There are also non-story modes, such as dungeons that offer a variety of rich rewards.

The game’s progression system looks familiar to us. In addition to running some storyline content and dungeons, you’ll also need to level up the various characters you have. nothing special.

boring roster and character design

One of the things to be proud of in the Disney Mirrorverse is that even though it’s a crossover game, Disney doesn’t always bring the famous lineup from its sprawling franchise. You won’t see Star Wars or Marvel characters here. However, there are plenty of cool classic characters here, like Donald Duck or Sully, or even Jack Sparrow.

The character designs brought here are actually trivial as they still use the same existing characters. But, in our opinion, the idea of ​​changing the design of a classic character is pretty cool and looks fresh. But behind this, there are also a lot of character designs that are just like that and look boring.

Bella’s design looks like an off-track character and looks like a regular Hades, and Disney still seems hesitant to overhaul it more comprehensively. Some characters’ costume designs only change colors, etc. Even so, there are some coolly designed characters that look like Donald Duck from Final Fantasy Dragon Knight, the cool Gaston, and Tron who stays on track.

In fact, Disney can look at other games in Japan, such as the “Love Live” game, which has quite interesting polishes on each character’s clothing, or “D4DJ” in which each new character’s design dares to make a facelift, bolder and neater. .

It sounds like we’re being too picky about character design, but when it comes to a big series like Disney, it’s hard not to. Just as Star Wars fans are very sensitive to the lightsabers they see in each spin-off series, Disney fans are sensitive to things like animation quality, even in mobile games.

both evil and good gacha

As a free-to-play game, Disney Mirrorverse certainly has a gashapon system. When we saw the gacha system here, our first impression was that the rates were very low and very small. Characters in the banner only get 1% bonus, the highest rarity character (ie 5 stars) gets 1.5% bonus.

Worse yet, each gacha requires 280 gems, and if you want to pull off that pull, you’ll need to complete at least two chapters of the storyline. In our opinion, that’s quite a long time for a game that was only released when it first started.

However, we like a system of microtransactions where players don’t always have to go through gacha to get characters. You can buy characters, even banner-only characters. So if you don’t care about gacha and pursue a character, you can buy it immediately for a specified “fixed price”.

in conclusion

Disney Mirrorverse isn’t actually a completely bad game. How Disney wants to make an action RPG game that “slightly” alters various character designs is an idea that needs a thumbs up. Still, instead of taking bold steps to make a difference, they’ve become mainstream games that we’re less than satisfied with.

The microtransaction system provided is actually not that cruel, because you can directly buy the character you want without drawing a card. So, if Disney gets a little bolder with different gameplay until the character designs get cooler, the Disney Mirror Universe should have quite a bit of potential.

Disney Mirrorverse has officially released for Android and iOS.You can visit the official website here to know more information.

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Disney Mirror Universe


  • Can buy characters without gacha
  • Unique storyline, unlike previous universes


  • Unintentional character design
  • Mainstream Action RPG
  • bad gashapon rate