DioField Chronicle Review – Strategy JRPG can be exciting too!

DioField Chronicle Review – Strategy JRPG can be exciting too!

Although most of the current gamers are open-world action games, which can be said to be quite dominant, there are still a few developers who like to make classic games based on strategy. For example, Square Enix and The DioField Chronicle bring a very unique concept that combines inspiration from many games.

DioField Chronicle is a Square Enix game that offers a very exciting real-time strategy genre as it draws inspiration from both MMOs and MOBAs. We had a chance to taste the game. Check out our The DioField Chronicle review!

Ordinary and boring storyline

DioField Chronicle has a fairly standard JRPG game-sized storyline. The game’s story is set in a region called Diofield, where the kingdom of Alletain is being invaded by another, larger evil kingdom because it wants a powerful magical resource called Jade. You will control an organization called the Blue Fox, led by the protagonist Anglias. Target? Stop harmful intrusions.

isn’t it? In our opinion, such a plot is pretty standard, and we often encounter it in JRPG games or anime. In fact, initial impressions of the story didn’t make us interested in continuing to play it, and it seemed boring. Just being told to save people, defeat bandits and other ordinary things.

DioField Chronicle Review – Strategy JRPG can be exciting too!

You also won’t be curious about rushed storytelling. For example, in the first chapter, a group of people is declared massacred, and one important person dies. The scene stopped abruptly, and the narrator had an interlude explaining why important characters died. You don’t see how other characters react and how things around you are affected.

Various unique characters

Fortunately, what we think is a normal storyline is wrapped in a variety of unique characters with different personalities. The characters here are styled like a political drama Game of Thrones. For example, the protagonist, Agrias, is a level-headed and confident person. Fredret is the protagonist’s best friend, and he’s outspoken about everything. And the benevolent noble Iska.

DioField Chronicle Review – Strategy JRPG can be exciting too!

DioField Chronicle Review – Strategy JRPG can be exciting too!

The character that caught my eye was Waltaquin Redditch (a girl with white hair). When she first met her, she came across as a quiet good princess, but soon discovered that she was a cunning masochist. He has a good laugh when he summons a meteor shower, and gets excited to fight more enemies when they’re too weak to be fun for him.

High-intensity games become the main course

DioField Chronicle has a different gameplay from strategy JRPGs as the developers put more emphasis on real-time strategy. During the battle, there are four characters on the map. There is a cursor to select the character you want to control. The way to move it is to just press a button, and it then seems to outline where your character will go, including when you want to attack enemies.

Each character here has unique abilities or special attacks. The effects vary, some have AoE attacks that grant buffs or stun enemies so they can’t move. Each character is also divided into four classes, namely Soldier (DPS), Knight (Tank), Sharpshooter (Ranged) and Mage (Healer/Summoner).

DioField Chronicle Review – Strategy JRPG can be exciting too!

Unfortunately, you can only control four main characters per battle. Each of these “main” characters can be paired with a “bench” character while taking the special attacks he has. Substitute characters also gain experience and stats after the battle.

There’s also a system called Magic Orbs, which allows powerful summons like Bahamut to deal massive damage. But to do this, you need blue orbs that drop all killed enemies. That said, you can use it when you press or save while fighting difficult enemies.

DioField Chronicle Review – Strategy JRPG can be exciting too!

Every time you complete a mission or battle, you gain XP to increase your character’s stats. There are also ability points that increase passive skills. There is also a system for upgrading weapons, gaining skills such as summoning. The customization of this progression is quite extensive, but it is not complicated to learn.

In our opinion, RTS gameplay like this is very unique and really requires the player to be able to think fast about attacking, defending, healing, summoning, and when they are able to complete each battle, it feels very satisfying because the intensity is so high . While we have to admit that while the gameplay is fun, it can feel repetitive if you play it for a long time.

elegant visual quality

I really like the art style and visuals of this game. The style is like a classic fantasy game, beautiful and elegant. It’s really not surprising, as the style of this game was designed by Isamu Kamikokuryo, who previously worked on Final Fantasy 12. I also like that the style of dress for the various characters is 1700s style, with some characters wearing full knightly armor and others suits and hats. luxury.

DioField Chronicle Review – Strategy JRPG can be exciting too!

Although the map itself looks simple and looks small. Especially when the subpoena was issued, even Bahamut appeared to be bigger than the map provided. But it can show the power of the call, and its power can change the course of a battle.

DioField Chronicle Review – Strategy JRPG can be exciting too!

Speaking of the soundtrack, we also give it super positive praise because it cuts down on boredom when I feel like the game is getting more repetitive. Previous Game of Thrones appearances Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell did a fantastic job for The DioField Chronicle.

in conclusion

I applaud The DioField Chronicle for daring to bring something different to the gameplay. How the brand combines rigid JRPG strategy concepts with western RTS and MOBA elements to actually make the game more fun and high-intensity enjoyment. We even dare to suggest that players who don’t like strategy games can give this game a try.

DioField Chronicle Review – Strategy JRPG can be exciting too!

Its presentation from a visual standpoint to the soundtrack is a plus. Unfortunately, this has to be tainted by a general-looking storyline, which is often seen in many JRPG games or anime. If they could make the storyline better, the game might be close to perfection.

DioField Chronicle has been officially released and you can play it via Steam on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch and PC.Don’t forget to visit the official website here to know more information.

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DioField Chronicles


  • High-intensity strategy gameplay
  • Beautiful and elegant visuals
  • A soundtrack that adds to the fun of playing


  • Important storylines even seem generic
  • little map