Dead by Daylight will bring Ida Wang and Albert Wesker from Resident Evil

Dead by Daylight will bring Ida Wang and Albert Wesker from Resident Evil

After all the excitement from a collaboration with the hit anime series Attack on Titan, asymmetric horror game Dead by Daylight still has another huge surprise with PROJECT W. This is a special co-op event ready to bring another evil franchise from Resident’s iconic character Death universe. sunlight. We’re calling it “another character” because there’s been a similar co-op before, and players are surprised by the presence of Leon and Jill, who are also accompanied by the Nemesis monster.

The second phase of the co-op also brings three new characters, two survivors and one killer. The survivors were Ida Wang and Rebecca Chambers, while the role of the killer was given to Albert Wesker. It’s no surprise that fans’ attention is particularly focused on Ada Wong, especially since she has a reputation as one of the best female characters in the series. Rebecca, one of the protagonists of Resident Evil 0, also felt it was fitting to be described as a true survivor. While Wesker is still respected by fans for his role as one of the most dominant antagonists.

Ada and Rebecca in particular, each of them have classic designs from the first game, while Wesker is based on his strongest form in Resident Evil 5. As a result, the roster of survivor and killer characters in Dead by Daylight is becoming increasingly dominant, especially if the game is able to host events, and the third phase of co-op will bring other iconic characters from Resident Evil, such as Dimitre Mrs Scu, who is still a huge hit among fans.

The Project W collaboration event itself is scheduled to take place this year, but there is no firm release schedule yet. Each character can later be purchased individually or as a bundle. If you’re curious about the game, Dead by Daylight itself is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile versions for Android and iOS.You can follow the latest developments of this game on the official website here.

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