“Crazy on You” dating sim game from developer Dead by Daylight

“Crazy on You” dating sim game from developer Dead by Daylight

Who would have thought that a horror game in the survival horror genre called Dead by Daylight would get a game called “Dead by Daylight”fell in love with you”. Yes, you heard the genre correctly, it started out as a horror game and has now moved away from dating sims.

Starting from the trailer, with fairly gripping music, and then suddenly into typical western dating sim music, we’ll be able to have a romantic relationship with the game’s killers like catchers, huntresses, ghosts, and finally the sprites on the killing island. Unfortunately, licensed killers don’t appear in this game like Sadako or Pyramid Head. The game itself was made by Psyop Studios, the studio behind the game “I Love You, Colonel Sanders!”

Launched from Kotaku, the game exists because of a community survey last year by Behaviour Interactive about what type of games fans want, and ultimately DbD fans love dating sims the most

There has been no further news on Hooked on You so far, but the developer himself has confirmed that the game will be released on PC via Steam and will be released next summer. Dead by Daylight itself is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile versions for Android and iOS.You can follow the latest developments of this game on the official website here.

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