Crash Bandicoot rumored to launch a new multiplayer-focused game

Crash Bandicoot rumored to launch a new multiplayer-focused game

Most gamers must know very well the forerunner of the most famous platformer since the early PlayStation days, especially if not the very iconic and legendary Crash Bandicoot. The game did get a remake, and it does have a reputation for being single-player. But what if Crash Bandicoot focused on multiplayer content?

rumor mentioned Crash Bandicoot is getting a brawler-like game that focuses on multiplayer content, not just single-player. The rumour came through a well-known journalist at Windows Central – Jez Corden, who claims to have obtained information from an insider, and that the game will be announced in the near future.

Toys for Bob, who developed the previous remake, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, will be the developers working on the multiplayer project. Rumors also say that the game will be announced at the Summer Games Festival on June 9.

Still not a lot of leaks mentioned. However, Jez Corden described the game as a “four-player fighting game”. It’s important to stress that this is still just a rumor, and Toys has not officially confirmed Bob as a developer or Activision as a publisher.

The return of the iconic platformer franchise Crash Bandicoot, which began with a remake of the original trilogy, proved fruitful. So it’s no surprise that they’re interested in exploring the franchise more broadly through multiplayer concepts like Crash Bash.

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