21 May 2022

About 2 months ago, in March, Activision opened a job opening for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. From the opening of the vacancy until yesterday, there was no recent news about the game.this day from blog Activison has confirmed attendance Aurora Project. Project Aurora is the codename for the battle royale game that Activision is developing.

Even though it’s called “Project Aurora,” judging by the app’s website, which was released a few months ago, its artwork is nearly identical to the one on The War Zone Blog. Seeing these two points, it can be inferred that Project Aurora is “Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Game”.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile
Artwork from Project Aurora

From the blog, the developer himself also stated that the game itself is in the closed Alpha stage, and the closed Alpha can only be played by a few people who are directly invited. The test is designed to improve game settings, stress test each game, find bugs and get feedback from players.

They also promise to bring something new to the experience of playing the battle royale, but unfortunately until now the developers have not decided on the name of the project nor the exact release date of the competitive game, but the developers Promises to bring more updates than before, with a release date when the game is ready for release.

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