Blue Archive Global Rating List – 2022 Update

Blue Archive Global Rating List – 2022 Update

It is undeniable that there are so many anime-style mobile games released. A very interesting one is the blue dossier, the result of a collaboration between Yostar and Nexon, which shows various cute characters, such as schoolboys, that can be obtained through gacha of varying intensities. The Blue Archive’s 2022 Guide Grade List is very useful as a guide.

Whenever playing mobile games, especially gacha based games, getting the character you want is the main thing. Especially a strategy game like Blue Archive, which prioritizes combinations of various characters suitable for team building. Therefore, guidance on hierarchical lists is always very important.

Game Basics

As usual, in a game like this, players need to form a team to overcome various obstacles. Luckily, in the blue archives, you only have to worry about characters, there are no gacha-like outfits yet. Every character in this game is divided into three types i.e. Attacker or DPS, Support and Tank.

Character Ranking Scale

  • S: best character, aim for this when rerolling
  • A: Already a very good character
  • B: Good character only in certain circumstances

This time you focus on a smaller range, from S to B. Because in our personal opinion, there are many useless characters, and the characters of concern can indeed be used to survive various challenges in the future. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our blue archive layer list guide!

That’s the tier list for the Blue File game. It’s important to stress that our rating list above is based on our personal opinion with experience playing the Japanese version. As mentioned before, the role of tank characters is still not very useful, and focus on characters with high damage output when first playing the game.

The Blue Archive version has been officially released worldwide for Android and iOS. Interestingly, in the global version, the need for the required “spark” was reduced from 300 to 200 gacha.Don’t forget to visit the official website here to know more information.

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