16 August 2022

For those who missed the news, Blizzard and NetEase announced a partnership for the latest World of Warcraft MMO game exclusively for mobile.But after years of vacuum and no clear grasp of the status of the project, the media Bloomberg As reported by Huang Zheping and Jason Schreier, the game has been cancelled.

According to the shared report, it turns out that the main reason for the cancellation of the game is the incompatibility between Blizzard and NetEase. They are said to have failed to reach a financial deal, leading to the dismissal of 100 employees who were actively developing the game. An unfortunate decision, especially knowing that the game has been in active development for over three years.

Blizzard reportedly cancels World of Warcraft mobile MMO project

The game itself is named “Neptune” and is described in World of Warcraft as an MMO. There are several interesting concepts being tried to execute, including setting the story at a different time period that the original game couldn’t show. Blizzard itself did not comment on the status of the cancellation, but they denied disagreements with the NetEase developer.

Despite canceling the project, the relationship between Blizzard and NetEase should be fine, especially knowing that they had released Diablo, which ended up being a huge success despite heavy criticism. Additionally, at least fans will be shown another new Warcraft mobile adaptation called Arclight Rumble.Those who are interested in the game can check our initial impressions immediately here.

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