Bad Reviews, Netflix Resident Evil Series Won’t Continue

Bad Reviews, Netflix Resident Evil Series Won’t Continue

As many have predicted since its release six weeks ago, Netflix’s Resident Evil franchise has decided not to go ahead with a new season.The news came from the media again deadline This got an exclusive leak. If you look at the discussion of the film so far, it’s not surprising that it has something to do with the film’s low ratings and poor performance.

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop anime movie series went through the same thing, and they stopped production even though it only ran for one season. The difference is that the movie wasn’t rated that badly, it still got some rave reviews from some fans, but the main factor Netflix considered was that the movie wasn’t too successful and didn’t get the audience numbers it expected. In fact, viewership has reportedly dropped by 59% since it officially aired in its second week.

Hopefully, this situation will allow Netflix to give more thought to the selection of exclusive series for its platform. Especially now that several other adaptations are attracting attention, such as the One Piece live-action film series “The Journey of the White Book”, and even Death Note, a live-action film from Netflix that ended in embarrassment. quality.

If you’re curious about Netflix’s Resident Evil franchise, it offers the story itself centered on the character of Jade Wesker who survived a deadly virus outbreak at the Umbrella Corporation. After the tragedy, 2036 or 14 to be exact, Jade still has to face her long struggle to survive in a world still terrorized by bloodthirsty zombies. The first season itself contains 8 episodes, which you can watch now via the Netflix streaming platform.

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