5 July 2022

If there’s anything that makes Bohemia Interactive seen as a competent developer and always up for competition, the answer lies in their various multiplayer games, which remain popular. One of them includes Arma 3, which is still widely regarded as one of the best military sims on the market. To bring a new evolution, Bohemia finally officially announced Ama 4 last night.

Because they’re still in early development, they want to focus on building a solid foundation that can carry over to the main game. And, if the goal is to lure Arma 3 fans to this new series, there’s bound to be all sorts of expected changes and content, and it’s definitely worth checking out. The good news is that players can try out the initial concept of Arma 4 with an indie game called Arma Reforger.

The story takes place in the Cold War era, and players will be brought into the fierce war atmosphere on the island of Efron as the American or Soviet army. There’s multiple access and a dedicated workbench tool and Enfusion engine for modders, but other than that, the game itself is like a rough demo version of a larger project. So it’s important to stress that this is not Arma 4, but just the initial base that will evolve into the main game with more improvements and content.

But if you still want to try it out, Arma Reforger is already available in Early Access for Xbox Series and PC steam. The game is priced at IDR 229,000 and will receive content support for the next 12 months. Meanwhile, Arma 4 itself is still in active development without many details or an expected release schedule.

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