16 August 2022

Shooting games with the concept of “games as a service” are still very popular today. Especially if the provided gameplay is very interesting, with multiplayer as the main basis, but still presenting single player content in the form of a storyline. That’s what IllFonic is trying to offer with Arcadegeddon.

Arcadegeddon is a PvE third-person shooter that you can play alone or with friends. So you can still enjoy the story content with various options. However, is the gameplay of the story interesting? In this article, we’ll review the Arcadegeddon game. Come see the article!

Interesting story premise and presentation

As we mentioned above, Arcadegeddon focuses on PvE content with a storyline where you can play alone or with friends. If you don’t get it, this game could easily have a Left 4 Dead-like concept, but with the cartoonist 3D visual quality of Fortnite.

This is the premise of the story in the Arcadegeddon game.

It started with an arcade owner named Gilly – who was threatened by the Fun Fun Co. Despite the funny name, the company is brutal and wants to destroy Gilly’s Arcade using a virus to destroy its machines. Players will be asked to defend Gilly’s Arcade from the Fun Fun Co against various obstacles.

Players will be asked to go through a variety of different challenges that are divided into levels, complete various quests, and face various enemies trying to destroy the arcades you protect.

Arcadegeddon has only three playable maps so far, Nerve Center, Mystic Isles, and Aftermath. Each of them has features, such as the main city Nervous City, a mysterious island with tropical beaches and many temples, to the aftermath like an abandoned city that is starting to be covered in forest.

Gameplay that still seems to repeat

When you first start playing, players will be asked to create their own character. There are at least 100+ options for makeup, most of which are just clothes. Once you’ve finished creating your character, you’ll head to Arcade Gilly in Nerve City, which will be the main location for players to do a variety of activities.

The main gameplay of Arcadegeddon is to keep going on missions and reach the highest level possible until the end of the game. In addition to actually finishing the game, you also need to earn XP, earn rewards, improve your character with gear or weapons, and level up.

Each level here is not only to destroy the enemy, but also a certain task. For example, when there are many enemies attacking, the player needs to find keys, or protect certain locations. We think it’s a really good thing that offers a variety of gameplay and more than that.

In order to reduce the impression of repetition, each level of this game also has a high difficulty, and each area also has a different difficulty. The further the player reaches, the more challenging the difficulty levels offered.

In addition to the difficulty levels, there is a Boss Meter that charges up as you progress through the levels. When it’s done, players can start challenging and attacking it at any time. Although the maximum XP reward is very high, if you fail you will have to refill the Boss Meter from scratch.

Fighting bosses also has its own unique combat. For example, when fighting the CEO of Fun Fun Co. The boss can send out a shield that protects himself from attacks and can “explode” for a certain amount of time. If it fails to destroy the shield, it deals massive AoE damage to the player.

Depends on how you approach a game like this. However, in our opinion, the game still has the impression of repetition and will end up being boring. Difficulty levels do vary, with several missions and various bosses. But it’s boring after only playing a few times because you’ll be doing the same thing over and over again.

There are mini games

Another thing we need to appreciate is the mini-game in the middle of certain missions when entering the checkpoint. An example is a mini-game called Glitch Ball, which divides your squad into two. The winner is the ball into the opposing goal, and each team can interfere with a variety of weapons such as shotguns or bats.

If you win the minigame, the player will get a powerful weapon, which means you will be able to play a bigger role in that level and get more XP rewards than others.

Skills and various weapons with unique elements

The character you play is an agile character, for example, you can do various things, such as double jump, dodge, sprint, slide, etc. enemy. Not only from the action we think is fun, but also how to shoot in this game is fun, with a variety of unique weapons to use.

In addition to common weapons such as shotguns, submachine guns or snipers, there are a variety of unique weapons. For example, the Pixel Popoer can fly enemies and then blow them up. There is also a weapon that throws a cassette that can dismember an opponent. Each weapon can also be given an elemental “spice”. For example, if there is a weapon we give ice element, then you can freeze the opponent.

In addition to weapons, players have an ability called Surge Gauntlet, which allows players to unleash powerful abilities such as exploding fireballs. You can unlock unique abilities by leveling up or completing certain challenges. For example, there is also a buff skill that increases teammates’ attack or defense. There are also passive skills such as increasing movement speed.

Oh yeah, because it’s a shooter, so on the console version we’re playing, the game also has Aim Assist, which is very useful when using hard-to-control snipers, or weapons like SMGs that spread bullets all over the place .

Another thing we like is the excellent implementation of the DualSense feature, where each weapon provides a different trigger effect. For example, when using a rocket launcher, the buttons will be a bit heavy. If you use a shotgun, the buttons will feel bouncing. Weapons like a submachine gun feel easy to press. We are very grateful for this.

in conclusion

Arcadegeddon is actually trying to deliver a shooter that’s not boring, with several different unique elements, both in terms of the story premise and the gameplay it offers. Yes, IllFonic does perform well as a developer. Everything feels smooth and there aren’t many annoying issues.

However, for a shooter with PvE elements, this game is still very similar to the others, and still provides a heavy, repetitive impression with minimal content. Even after only playing for a few hours, we would get bored running some of the similar levels and challenges.

It has to be admitted that Arcadegeddon actually has more potential. Unique gameplay should be able to be explored with additional game modes and more content than just completing the game in various levels and difficulty levels.

Arcadegeddon will be released on July 8 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.Don’t forget to visit the official website here to know more information.

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  • Storyline and gameplay are fun and digestible
  • Various unique weapons
  • Excellent implementation of DualSense functionality
  • Potential if more modes and game variants are added


  • The main gameplay feels repetitive
  • Not much content and tasks