All the latest information about Final Fantasy 16 you may not know

All the latest information about Final Fantasy 16 you may not know

While waiting for the next Final Fantasy XVI update, which is still scheduled for release this fall, we’ve received all kinds of latest information about the game that many may not be aware of. While some of this information isn’t directly related to the details of the content or the game’s new look, it’s at least enough to add enthusiasm and answer some fans’ curiosity about the technology.

Here’s a summary of some new information about Final Fantasy XVI:

  • Internet radio from Eorzea A few weeks ago, I received an update from Yoshi-P, whose team has completed the feedback phase of FF XVI for the final boss. For some, this might not matter, but it’s enough to solidify the state of development and how the development team can get more time to polish the game.
  • User-Based Discovery Reddit, Creative Business Unit III 2018 gave a tech demo on their new project, which was not announced at the time (FF16). They briefly mentioned how the initial development process used Unreal Engine 4 and the Marmoset Toolbag, before it was eventually replaced by a completely overhauled Final Fantasy XIV engine. So as expected, Final Fantasy XVI still uses the same engine as the CBU3 MMO, only this time a more upgraded version, and will also be used to upgrade Final Fantasy XIV’s visuals in Update 7.0. This was a very good decision, as CBU3 is used to developing games with its flagship engine.
  • Regarding the addition of Final Fantasy XVI to the TGS 2022 lineup, we feel it’s just to fill the Mega Theater’s old trailer exhibit. Yoshida has said that they will share the next update for the new fall between the end of the month and December. It’s more likely that the game will reappear at the PlayStation Showcase or The Game Awards 2022. In addition, they hope to bring Hiroshi Takai and Kazutoyo Maehiro to discuss more about the game next time.
  • Final Fantasy XVI came second in the polls Famantong Latest (August 4-17, 2022). The first slot itself is filled by Splatoon 3, while the third slot is Bayonetta 3.

Can’t wait to play? Final Fantasy XVI itself is scheduled to release exclusively for PlayStation 5 in the summer of 2023. You can monitor the latest progress of the game and various other details on the official website. here.

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All the latest information about Final Fantasy 16 you may not know

Final Fantasy XVI

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Square Enix

TB release date

console, PS5

Set in the medieval fantasy world of Valistea, Final Fantasy XVI is a new series that focuses on highly fantasy themes that are closely linked to the series. The game brings back action RPG gameplay with a focus on a more brutal and serious emotional story.