AION 2 confirmed to use Unreal Engine 5, will be released on mobile and PC

AION 2 confirmed to use Unreal Engine 5, will be released on mobile and PC

Friends who have played MMORPG games, I think everyone knows this game called AION very well. It was a hype at the time, and it had a very large community base at that time. Not only satisfied with the first series, NCSoft intends to release its latest series with AION 2 to keep the series up to date.

After a long time without news, NCSoft has finally provided various updates about its latest project. AION 2 is still in development and has been confirmed to use Unreal Engine 5.

quite interesting point Report The latest news is that the game will be released simultaneously worldwide. This means global gamers won’t have to wait long for the English version, as both the Korean and global versions will be released at the same time.

AION 2 will provide a variety of functions for a very unique concept. Starting with the elimination of class options for weapons like monster hunters, the game will certainly carry an open-world MMORPG concept and a dimensional rift feature that allows players to move from one server to another for a certain scale. event.

Unfortunately, NCSoft has not announced when AION 2 will be released. It’s obvious that the game will be released on both mobile and PC, and is currently popular among mobile game developers offering open-world RPG concepts and great visual quality.


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