7 Best Mobile Games That Offer an Open World Concept

7 Best Mobile Games That Offer an Open World Concept

Mobile games today are no longer limited to rigid and linear genres and concepts. The main reason, of course, is that smartphone technology is far more complex. So it’s no surprise that many developers are starting to make mobile games with open-world concepts.

In this article, we’ll cover and even recommend some open-world mobile games with interesting concepts. Most of the ones we mentioned have their own uniqueness, whether combined with action, survival or sandbox genres. What are those games? let’s see!

Genshin Impact

7 Best Mobile Games That Offer an Open World Concept

It’s no secret that Genshin Impact is a mobile game that has remained consistent to this day. Not only in terms of content, but also from the player base that is still busy today. Coupled with interesting updates on new regions, new characters, and more, it’s no surprise that miHoYo’s game is still the best open-world mobile game.

Genshin Impact has anime-style graphics quality, but is still “elegant”, has very nice visuals and spoils the eyes. Coupled with the action RPG style hack n slash gameplay and massive open world concept, quite a few gamers love it, and the hype is pretty consistent so far.


7 Best Mobile Games That Offer an Open World Concept

Dragon Raja is a very majestic game in terms of visual presentation. Even today, Dragon Legend maintains its status as a popular MMORPG game on mobile platforms. This is inseparable from a loyal community base and regular new events of all kinds.

Dragon Raja is a mobile MMORPG that combines unique fantasy and futuristic concepts with fantastic graphics and full character customization. In addition to offering an intensive storyline with many interesting characters, the game also allows players to do many side activities, such as a life simulation game.

Ark: Survival Evolved

7 Best Mobile Games That Offer an Open World Concept

Although born from a little-known independent developer, it is undeniable that “Ark: Survival Evolved” is a game that popularizes the concept of open world survival based on dinosaurs. Until now, the game has maintained a fairly consistent community base and has also permeated mobile.

ARK: Survival Evolved will require players to survive on an island full of ancient animals, especially dinosaurs of all kinds. You can build forts, craft hunting gear, and more so you can continue to survive or explore an ancient world full of mysteries.

Seven Knights 2

7 Best Mobile Games That Offer an Open World Concept

Players who have played RPG games on mobile phones since the mid-2010s will be familiar with Seven Knights. While it wasn’t as well known and very successful as the first edition, the second series was also promising due to Netmarble’s various very drastic conceptual changes.

Seven Knights 2 is not an RPG with dungeons and turn-based, but an action RPG with an open world concept but still using various characters. The game is also made more interesting by the excellent graphics quality, and it has been massively upgraded from the first version.

my world

7 Best Mobile Games That Offer an Open World Concept

Easy, accessible and addictive, that’s probably the right word to describe how people love Minecraft so much. In addition, quite a few streamers and VTubers have played the game, which makes Minecraft more and more popular, not only for children, but also for adult gamers.

The joy of Minecraft is that players can have unlimited “creativity”. They have created many amazing works. Depending on the game they’re based on, they can create really fun and awesome additions to the game. Are you one of them?


7 Best Mobile Games That Offer an Open World Concept

A mobile game with an open world and a zombie survival concept? Maybe this LifeAfter is one of the best out there, or even still the best. NetEase Games itself still regularly provides various updates for fun collaborative activities and maintains its community base to this day.

LifeAFter is a popular open world survival game produced by NetEase Games. Relying on a dangerous and mysterious post-apocalyptic world setting, players need to survive by building houses, cooperating with other players, and battling the mutant creatures that inhabit this world.

black desert phone

7 Best Mobile Games That Offer an Open World Concept

Although there are many options for MMORPG games with an open world concept, we dare to say that Black Desert Mobile is the most complete in terms of content, gameplay and image quality, although it has been criticized by some players who don’t like it. game because it’s too rough and time consuming. .

Black Desert Mobile is a game that offers a very unique gaming experience from the original, including the fantastic graphics and gorgeous gameplay it offers. Although present on mobile devices, there is also a mobile version of almost all features of the PC version, including various content for PvE and PvP.

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