16 May 2022
5 Heroes and Item Counters Lylia Mobile Legends
Hero and item counter Lilia

Lilia is one of them hero and role mage exist
mobile legend game. He specializes in providing
burst damage Let Lilia be Hero Mage powerful processing power tanker.

not only provide burst damage Great, Lilia works too
slow This is very troublesome for his enemies.It’s also thanks to her very wide range of skills that Lilia has an advantage when joining Teamfight.

Now in META, Lylia may not be as popular as Xavier, Valentina or Cecilion. However, don’t underestimate it, because Lilia’s strength is very dominant in the mid lane.effective slow and also
burst damageWith her large size, Lillia has a good chance of killing her enemies, even if the item is not ready.

overcome strength From the more troublesome Lilia, in this post I’ll explain the heroes and items you can use as counter for Lilia. Curious how it was discussed? Take a look at the description below:

hero counter

1. Ling


Lilia is a hero with little equipment Skill
escapeso that Hero – Hero Assassin agile like
This can be handled easily.

The most important thing is to fish first Skill final “Black Shoes” From Lilia.Well, if ultimate skill
already used, then nothing can save Lilia from Ling’s quick attack.

Not only agility, spirit is also equipped with effects airborne exist
Skill final“Blade Storm” He can be used to stop Lilia’s actions, so she can’t use black shoes.

By exploiting the effect airborne That, Ling can give
damage More freedom without worrying about getting hit
damage from the enemy.

2. Fassa


Fassa has Ultimate skill range He can easily deal with Lilia.and
final These, Pharsa can provide burst damage to Lilia to stop her from joining Teamfight.

However, you need to know final Pharsa can be cancelled when affected by crow control. Therefore, before using
finalFirst, make sure your location is safe to avoid any repercussions maintain order in the crowd from the enemy.

3. Yves


Almost like Pharsa, this Yve also has
Ultimate skill range This is very broad for easily dealing with Lilia.However, the difference is that Yve does not burst damage Big one, but in exchange, I’ve got effects slow He can be used to interfere with the actions of the enemy.

Influence slow That’s what Yves can use against Lilia later on.give as much as possible slow Great effect on Lilia so your team can easily kill her as Lilia only has one escape skills exist black shoes-If the skill has been used, the history is over.

4. Karina


is one of Assassin Hero Currently mainly used for jungler. High mobility, also supports effects true damage His great passivity makes him a counter for hero who doesn’t have much
escape skills
such as Lilia.

Karina has high mobility and can directly attack Lilia.Coupled with the defensive items he used, it made Karina even more survive even if he had to accept
burst damage Large from Lilia.

5. Hilda


overcome hero Like Lilia, Hilda made a great recommendation because hero it can now provide
damage Easier after being hit Retrofit From
Moonton Some time ago.

Hilda can now give burst damage immediately with
final if heapThe herd was fully charged, which was the main factor in the victory over Lilia.

Hilda just needs to collect heap and
Skill 2 “The Art of Hunting”plus some basic attack,
and if heap Fully charged, then Hilda can instantly kill Lilia ultimate skill only.

counter item

1. Shield of Athena

Shield of Athena

It’s no secret Shield of Athena indeed become a project counter most effective Hero Mage Outbreakjust like Lilia.

with its passive effect “shield”, Shield of Athena Can be reduced
25% magic damage Lilia released for 5 seconds.

This effect must have been a very scary ghost for Lilia, because
burst damageDamage is greatly reduced, allowing enemies to survive even if hit damage from Lilia.

2. Winter Baton

winter baton

winter baton
This is a very good project recommendation for those who “don’t want to be complicated” when dealing with Lylia. how come?All you have to do is press the active effect of this item to make hero us
immunity From damage Lilia.

yes, winter baton effective “freezing” this could have an impact immunity in damage 2 seconds.

However, as long as the effect is effective, hero You will turn into ice and cannot move anywhere, so this is necessary timing This is the appropriate effect winter baton This optimizes operation.


That’s what I’m talking about this time Heroes and Items
counter from Lilia. If you have anything to add, please write it in the comment box below.

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