5 Heroes and Claude Items in Mobile Legends You Must Know

5 Heroes and Claude Items in Mobile Legends You Must Know
5 Heroes and Claude Items in Mobile Legends You Must Know

Claude is archer hero exist
mobile legend game able burst in the form of a very lethal zone.Recently, Claude even became a
archer hero preferred in the event MPL ID Regular Season 10.

From the beginning, Cloud has been known for having fairly high burst damage against marksman-type heroes.The main factor is Cloud’s ultimate skill “Hot Duet” It can provide burst damage in the form of an area. This skill is a terrifying scourge for enemies as Cloud can instantly kill his enemies with just one hit.

Skill “Hot Duo” This is what makes Claude’s popularity even more META, considering Mobile Legends Gameplay Very focused on the heart right now teamfight, Claude is one of them
archer hero and strength Strong in Teamfight.

In addition, Claude is also equipped with escape skills and high mobility, thus making it more independent compared to
archer hero other.

So to make it easier for you when dealing with Claude, then you should know some hero and items Claude These include the following:

hero counter

1. Kaya

5 Heroes and Claude Items in Mobile Legends You Must Know

do not like archer hero Others playing in the back row,
Gameplay More savage than Cloud, because his skills can be used to teleport to the middle of the enemy line.

Well, gameplay
Barbarian Cloud can be very tasty food for Kaya, because when Cloud forward teleports to damage use fiery duoKaja can capture it instantly by using “Holy Judgment” skill.

ultimate skill Kaha works suppressThis means that the effect maintain order in the crowd from final The kaja cannot be interfered or hindered by any skill or item.Therefore, if Claude is final Katya, then he can’t run away.Your teammates can use this opportunity to kill Cloud without worrying about getting hit
damage from A fiery duo.

2. Leslie

5 Heroes and Claude Items in Mobile Legends You Must Know

since being beaten Retrofit Yesterday, Lesley immediately became a popular marksman among fans mobile legend player Now in META.also listen
Leslie’s hero and counter items.

However, did you know that this Lesley is one of them
hero counter Naturally to Claude?

Skill 1 Leslie “Master of Disguise” It worked
immunity from final Claude.Leslie won’t accept as long as camouflage mode is on damage a little trick
fiery duo belongs to Claude.

Not only that, but Leslie can thwart final Cloud uses skill 2 “Technical Grenade” This can make the opponent bounce far away.Cloud only uses skills when used fiery duo Stop Claude’s attack immediately.It’s important to make sure the skill hits Cloud, don’t let it

3 weeks

5 Heroes and Claude Items in Mobile Legends You Must Know

Zhou becomes hero correct obstruction
final Claude momentarily.by relying on
Way of the DragonChou is able to kick Claude and stop the damage instantly fiery duo It belonged to Claude at the time.

If you use the full project damageChou was even able to kill Claude in one hit without the help of his teammates.

Even if you use Chou as Roaming Tank does not matter.Just make sure to always use Way of the Dragon Stop Claude’s attack.Always place the Chou in the middle of the line, as that’s the part Claude often targets when using it
A fiery duo.

4. Grock

5 Heroes and Claude Items in Mobile Legends You Must Know

want to hero Too tall for people who don’t use machinery
counter Claude? Grock is one of the solutions.Glock works maintain order in the crowd stronger than ultimate skillhe can use Lock in to Claude Teamfight.

you just use it final This Grock If Claude is close to the wall, if it hits, Claude will be hit dizziness For a moment, your teammates can use it to kill Cloud easily.

animation final Glock is relatively fast and has a long attack distance, which is also his bonus.
take off Completely undetected by the enemy.

In addition, the effect airborne produced in final Grock can also be used to thwart fiery duo Claude.So if you can’t execute the method take off, then continue to fail fiery duo belongs to Claude
final Glock makes your teammates more survive in the middle Teamfight.

5. Faramis

5 Heroes and Claude Items in Mobile Legends You Must Know

since being beaten RetrofitFaramis instantly becomes
hero support bestseller that almost never made it once

Not without reason, strength from final Faramis, who can instantly provide extra HP, is not easy to overcome.The effect comes from final You can even use this Faramis to save your teammates fiery duo belongs to Claude.

even by final This Faramis is not that big, but the effect immunity This is the most annoying effect.period hero You are in the altar of Phalamis, and then damage from fiery duo Cloud will all be absorbed by the extra HP final Faramis.

As soon as the extra HP that Algorithm gave him was used up, hero you still get immunity for a while, at least until skill
fiery duo Claude is over.

counter item

1. Blade Armor

5 Heroes and Claude Items in Mobile Legends You Must Know

you need to know damage Skilled
fiery duo That Claude counts as basic attack. Therefore, the term counter The most appropriate way to deal with it is Blade Armor.

Has a passive effect that can be reversed
25% base attack damage from the enemy, Blade Armor Can make
damage hero you are sicker even if hit damage the biggest one fiery duo Claude.

not only, Blade Armor This also comes with additional
physical defense big, it will be created automatically
hero It thickens as you deal
Hero – Hero Physics like Claude.

I recommend using Blade Armor this to hero Thick(tank or fighter) which usually always becomes
hero sponsor team fight make them more durable.

2. The wind of nature

5 Heroes and Claude Items in Mobile Legends You Must Know

no longer an open secret wind of nature is a project counter it is very suitable counter for Claude.Its positive effects can lead to immunity from
physical damage 2 seconds automatic confirmation
hero you are safe Blazing Duo Damage belongs to Claude.

wind of nature great to use hero gold thread
or jungler and physical damage to keep them safe inside Teamfight.

Create parameters Player MageYou can also replace
wind of nature This is the same as winter truchuanbecause active effects can also provide immunity.

Well, for those who might be afraid that the active effect won’t be pushed, then go with this project immortal Its active effects appear automatically instead of manually won and winter.


here are some hero and items counter Claude
mobile legend. It is important to stress that all discussions in this post are purely from my personal opinion, as a
Mobile legend players. So if you want to add anything, please write them in the comment box.



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