16 August 2022
4 Interesting Facts About Hero Nana Mobile Legends
Fun Facts About Nana From Mobile Legends

Nana has recently become Hero Mage most controversial match.

after receiving a little Adjustment from Moonton in some patch In the end, Nana’s popularity soared to match
Hero Mage Others, such as Xavier, Cecilion, and Yve.

Then, for player Nana, do you know some interesting facts behind this?Instead of being curious, let’s look at the discussion along with the fun facts Hero Nana Mobile Legends.

1. Released in 2016

Although her character looks like a child, Nana turns out to be a child hero first published
Mobile legend game.

Hero Mage Support This has been published since 2016. then, mobile legend game Still in beta and not as popular as it is now.

In the early days of the release, Nana was already known as Hero Mage It was troublesome because at the time ultimate skill Nana can throw enemies into the air in a wide area, such as
ultimate skill Add Totka.

2. The only hero that can change the form (transformation) of the enemy hero

Nana’s close friend Molina is the enemy’s most troublesome scourge, because this small and cute animal can change shape.
(deformed) Makes enemies unable to cast skills or run away easily when touched by Molina.

Well, you know, it turned out to be only Nana
hero exist mobile legend game can take effect
deformation to hero enemy.influences deformation It is found in skill 2 Nana “Molina’s Gift” This could throw Molina where it was directed.

Just toss Molina near enemies and see how Molina performs.

3. His first skill never changed

Since the launch, Nana’s skills have undergone a lot of changes, except for one skill “Magic Boomerang” It still has the same animations and effects as when it was first released.

I do not know why, Moonton Never change the effect or shape of Nana’s first ability.The only difference from Nana’s first skill is that damage and effect slow down This is a given.

Although, skill 2 and ultimate skill Nana has gone through a lot of changes.I even remember ultimate skill The first version of Nana that can make a difference airborne For a very large range of enemies, it’s good to OP first ultimate skill-his.

4. A match against Harith and Aulus

From the origin story, Nana turned out to be part of the game
Leo, like Harith and Aulus.Nana also suffered the same fate as her race Leo In general, he was known to be playful and always isolated, so he didn’t have many friends.

Nana’s ignorant attitude and inability to control the magic she possesses further aggravate Nana’s fate. It is said that Nana once ruined a large gathering in the village because she could not control the magic she possessed.

Because of this, Nana ends up traveling with Molina to learn how to control the magic so that the mistakes she makes don’t happen again.you can see the full story
The story of the hero Nana, a prank from the country of the lions.


Well, these are some fun facts hero Nana
mobile legend. If you have something to add, please write it in the comment box.you can also hero request What should I discuss in the next article.



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